Jaymes & Daphne Fund

Jaymes Daphne Fund

Jaymes & Daphne Fund

The Jaymes & Daphne fund was founded by our late CFO Jaymes (Chief Feline Officer) and our CEO Daphne (Canine Executive Officer). It is designated for the life-saving treatment of animals with catastrophic injuries or illnesses that will prevent the patient from being euthanized. Our fund is responsible for having saved a number of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, deer, turtles and goats among others. Jaymes and Daphne invite you to join them in their mission to help relieve the distress of their fur, feather, scale, &/or shell covered friends! Any and all contributions are extremely appreciated and needed!

The Jaymes & Daphne Fund recipient list is long and continues to grow! The Seneca Animal Hospital family of Doctors, Technicians, and Staff proudly and lovingly provide the necessary treatment & care for these animals in need. Please visit this page and our Facebook frequently, because many of the recipients will be in need of a loving home and you just might know the perfect family to rescue these animals!

Jaymes, Daphne, Dr. Moore, Dr. Axson and all of us from Seneca Animal Hospital thank you for any support you can provide! In turn, we will provide these patients with the finest medical care at our disposal to save every animal possible, regardless of species, breed, color or size!

The Jaymes & Daphne Fund will proudly sponsor this years


Saturday, October 14, 2017 11AM - 4PM
This event will be hosted at Seneca Animal Hospital! To find out more about PET PALOOZA! check out the webpage, www.MySenecaAnimalHospital.com/PetPalooza

Lovable Pets Adopted!

Over 250 Lovable Pets Adopted!
Thank you for supporting the Jaymes & Daphne Fund!

shih tzu

Boo, the wonderful loving companion, is giving bunches of love to his new family! He is playful, energetic and enjoys laying around while inside! He gets along well with cats, dogs and especially kids! He was brought to us with an existing skin allergy, which has been treated and no longer showing any symptoms. Boo does have some age related eye sight and hearing loss, but is not held back by these limitations. He has been quick to adapt to new surroundings. He is about 18 lbs and is not on any sort of special diet. He is a great mix between lap dog and playful. Please contact us if you can provide him with his furever home or know of someone who might be interested in adopting a lively Shih-Tzu!

Polaris found his furever home and will be living in luxury on the couch in front of the TV laying across his new owners lap! We couldn't have asked for a better match, because his new owner said, "that's exactly where I want him!"

Polaris is a 5 year old dog who initially came in to the clinic with a humeral fracture resulting in an amputation of his front right leg. His owner found him stuck under an ATV and, unfortunately, was unable to afford the surgery resulting in Polaris being signed over to Seneca Animal Hospital for care and treatment of his injury. The Jaymes and Daphne Fund helped with the cost of the procedure. Polaris was also diagnosed as heartworm positive and started the slow kill treatment. This treatment normally takes an average of 24 months to clear up the heartworm infestation. Monthly prevention is the only way to protect against canine heartworm disease, and can recur without ongoing monthly prevention!

Polaris is a very friendly dog and has not shown any aggression towards people. His personality has not been aggressive to other dogs, but Polaris’ attitude is dependent on how other animals approach him. Animals normally adjust really well to amputations and live very happy and healthy lives. Weight monitoring is always a primary concern for amputation patients.

Polaris is available for adoption to a loving home, with or without other animals! He will need a family that will allow him to be inside. His ideal weight should be between 28– 32 Lbs. and currently he does not have any special dietary needs. He has shown that he is trainable and is kennel trained. He should not have much of an issue with adjusting to his new forever home filled with love and patience!

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