Certified Pet Grooming & Styling

Heather is a certified professional pet stylist and groomer with over 10 years experience grooming dogs and cats!  She has a vast knowledge of a breeds traditional style and knows the safest techniques. Heather joined Seneca Animal Hospital in January of 2019 and has been an immediate asset to the team!

Grooming appointments are available Monday through Friday. Full grooming visits normally take about 3-5 hours from start to finish, which includes pre-bath grooming, cleansing bath, drying, and styling. Canine cleansing bath's and toe nail care can usually be accommodated for the same day! A cleansing bath does not include styling, de-shedding, de-matting, or other special grooming consideration and dropping off will generally be required. Your pet's grooming will not necessarily start immediately upon being dropped off. Please call before arriving to confirm schedule availability.

Dog and cat grooming drop off times can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 2:00pm.  Payment for weekday grooming appointments will be expected at time of pick up. Pick up times will be determined by our groomer when you drop off. If the patient being groomed needs any sedation, we will notify you beforehand and the cost of the sedation will be additional. Grooming clients do not have to be patients of Seneca Animal Hospital. Proof of vaccinations is required.

Canine Grooming and Styling

Dog grooming is very unique and each breed has different grooming needs. Each bath is essentially the same, the shampoo and conditioner will depend on coat condition and skin irritability. A thick coated breed might need a de-shed groom, while a short hair, flat coated canine breed might only need a bath followed with a few minutes under the dryer. The toe nail care will vary based on your dog's breed, activity, and growth.

Because we care about the health and protection of your pet, the following vaccines are required for a dog grooming, and/or boarding, at Seneca Animal Hospital, and strongly recommended if boarding or grooming elsewhere.

Canine Vaccines for Grooming:
- Rabies
- Distemper & Parvo
- DA2PPL is recommended
- Canine Influenza
- (H3N8 & H3N2 Strains)
- Bordetella

Feline Grooming

Cat grooming is very unique and most cats will likely require some sedation, making cat grooming a more delicate technique. Your cat's grooming experience starts with brushing their coat to remove loose hair and de-tangle matted areas. After the initial brushing, it is time to soak in the suds for a bath. A cat's coat condition and skin irritability will determine the shampoo and conditioner. The drying process will either be with a towel or with circulating air. Once clean and dry, your cat is ready to be styled!

A cat's grooming style can depend on things like age, breed, lifestyle, and time of year. An indoor domestic long hair might only need minimal brushing, while a Maine Coon in the southern summer heat might be better suited with a 'lion cut'. Other breeds, like persians, might have tear issues to address or matting.

Because we care about the health and protection of your feline family members during their cat grooming experience, we recommend an annual FIV/Leukemia  screening, the RCP and Leukemia vaccines.

Feline Vaccines for Grooming:
- Rabies

- RCP Vaccine
- Leukemia Vaccine
- FIV/LK Combo Test (results must be from within the last 12 months) 

Please call us for additional information on dog grooming or cat grooming, or to schedule your grooming appointment, (864) 882-8747.

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