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(Feline Boarding Room Pictured)
Cat Condo'sOur boarding staff and technicians work hard to keep your pets safe, clean, and comfortable while you're away. For your canine companions we offer separate indoor & outdoor runs, leash walks three times a day, feeding twice a day, and medications as needed. They will also have an ergonomic bed and fresh blankets daily.  Your feline friends are housed in a separate boarding area, offering multiple size cages, a room with a view, feeding twice a day, medicating as needed, and play time.  For your avian angel, we utilize various offices which decreases the amount of commotion keeping your feathery family calm and serene.  We tend to their feeding per your instructions and generally have a movie playing throughout the day for their enjoyment.  Our facility is equipped to handle the boarding needs of other exotic animals.  Our team is trained on handling and caring for all animal breeds and species!

To ensure the health and safety of our boarding patients, please be sure they have received and are current on the following required vaccinations.  The Canine Influenza Vaccine is explained on our "From the Doctor" section.

  -  Rabies
  -  Kennel Cough (Bordetella) 
* -  Canine Influenza (New Due to Recent Outbreaks)

  -  Leukemia 
  -  FIV Test Results